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What Can Broker Brain Do For Your Business?


Broker Brain is a Powerful Property Asset Management Web Based System and REO Software. This System Offers Real Estate Brokers a User Friendly Platform that Includes the Following Features:

organization tools

  • Auto generated forms for major banks - Download sample BPO
  • Fully integrated inbound and outbound email
  • Attachable Notes Allowing Full Online Document Storage
  • Photo Storage with Automatic Photo Resizing
  • Mapping Integration
  • Utility Tracking
  • Expense Tracking
  • Offer Documentation and Data Storage
  • Contact Management
  • Calendar Integration
  • Mobile apps

property management tools

  • HomePath Offer Integration
  • Full feature set for managing Short Sales
  • Complete REO Software
  • Public Offer capabilities allowing agents to submit offers from your public web site or any other web site via secure links.
  • Offer Documentation and Data Storage
  • Property Preservation Module including Repair and Monthly Services Tracking
  • Weekly Inspection Documentation
  • Property Valuation Tracking
  • Eviction Notification Tracking and Documentation
  • Advanced Reporting Including Personalized Criteria Selection
  • Instant Access to all Property Related Information

customization tools

  • Searchable and Automated Public Web Site
  • Personalized Auto Task System with Manual Task Capabilities
  • Personalized Flag Tagging System
  • Advanced Reporting Including Personalized Criteria Selection
  • Administrative Feature with Personalized Customization
  • Unlimited number of users can be added to the system at no added cost
  • Group based permission for easy access administration
  • Fully branded with ability to personalize colors, logo, etc.
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